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EdFo is an information resource focused on education law policy and best practices in teaching. Our company is concerned with providing teachers and administrators with the most current information.

Dr. Elizabeth Timmerman Lugg J.D. Ph.D. is an education law expert. With over thirty years of experience working in the field with schools and administrators. She has collected the materials and knowledge your school district needs to operate effectively within the law. Education law policy includes but is not limited to title IX, special education, school personnel management, ethics, legislative updates, violence in schools, harassment, bullying and daily procedures.




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Practicing Primarily in Education Law

Education, both P12 and higher education, is highly regulated today with new laws and administrative regulations being passed every year. Because of this ever increasing regulation and specialization, many attorneys are not familiar with education law. To insure legal representation that is able to minimize legal liability while maximizing effective student centered administration, Iowa educational institutions need and deserve an attorney who is specifically trained as both an educator and an attorney.

Elizabeth Timmerman Lugg, J.D., Ph.D. of Timmerman Law Offices is just that. Since her initial training as a high school German teacher, she has spent the last 30 years working with school boards, school administrators, and school personnel as an attorney and as an educator. Her classroom to courtroom experience provides her with a special understanding of the challenges faced by educational institutions in the 21st Century and the need for innovative solutions that serve the interest of the entire educational community. Timmerman Law Offices is available to provide quality legal representation delivered in the most efficient and cost effective manner possible. Whether the need is a physical presence to attend board meetings, IEP staffings, or employee disciplinary hearings, or whether the need is services such as reviewing handbooks, drafting policies and answering questions, Timmerman Law Offices is here to serve your institution.